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Dometic 9200 Power Awning Arm Set of 2 8965012.400U Black

Dometic 9200 Power Awning Arm Set of 2 8965012.400U Black

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Dometic™ A&E 8965012.400U RV 9200 Power Awning Arm Hardware Kit - Standard - Black with Caps

This is a set of left and right awning arm hardware for the use with Dometic 9200 Power Awnings. The extension arms are a crucial component of an RV awning system, its function is to provide support and tension to the awning fabric, ensuring that it remains taut and stable during use. The extension arms mount to the RV sidewall and extend outward to support the awning fabric roller tube assembly. When the awning is extended, the extension arm helps to support the weight of the fabric and prevent it from sagging or flapping in the wind. It also provides a stable base for the awning, allowing you to enjoy shade and protection from the elements in comfort.
  • Compatible with 9200 Series Fabric Roller Tube Assemblies
  • Standard Style: The most widely used style on RVs with Dometic Awnings
  • Adjustable Pitch: Adjust the arm pitch for protection from the weather
  • Gas Strut Support: Equipped with superior awning support

Adjustable Pitch

The pitch adjustment feature of the awning can help to provide better shade or protection from the sun, especially during the morning or late afternoon when the sun is lower in the sky. It can also help to prevent rainwater from pooling on the surface of the awning. To adjust the pitch of the awning, you loosen the knob located on the adjustable arm to move the arm up or down to change the angle of the awning. After you have set the pitch to the desired angle, you can tighten the knob to secure the arm in place.

Gas Strut Support
The arms are equipped with a gas strut designed to provide tension and support to the awning when it is extended. The gas strut creates tension on the awning and helps to keep it in place, even in windy conditions. Additionally, it helps to distribute the weight of the awning and prevent stress on the extension arms and other parts of the RV.

Standard Style
The standard style awning arms are widely used in RVs nowadays, and they come with standard lengths for both the back channel and front channel. They also have a standard pivot point that results in a 13-1/4" drop of the awning when extended.
The hardware back channel may have a slight bow due to the manufacturing process. However, this should not be considered a defect, and upon installation, the hardware will sit flat against the RV. The awning arm hardware is specifically designed to be lightweight and to rely on the strength of the RV's surface for support.

These awning hardware sets appear interchangeable:
8962002/ 8964002/ 8964012/ 8965012

Front channel length is 64 7/8"

These are manufacturer wrapped/tied.
We cannot measure awning extension due to this factor. We cannot find measurements for this exact model online.

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