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PVC Rubber Roof for RVs - 9' or 9.5' - White - 27 Mil

PVC Rubber Roof for RVs - 9' or 9.5' - White - 27 Mil

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Rubber is the most commonly used roofing materials for RVs and there's a whole host of reasons why this is the case. It's versatile and reliable and it can even be used for commercial roofing as well as for vehicles. Take a look at all the major advantages of purchasing rubber roofing by the foot to cover your RV.

The Ultimate in Convenience for Your RV

Using PVC enables you to save plenty of money in the long run as you avoid having to constantly go back to a professional to have repairs done.

We ensure that you always receive a superior product that will last for years on end. If you have any questions at all, you only have to drop us a line and we'll be more than happy to help you.

Recommendation for installation

If one surface is porous (has small holes or spaces), such as plywood or fiberboard, it is recommended to wet laminate the membrane to the substrate. If both surfaces are non-porous, such as EPS or ISO, apply the adhesive to both surfaces 4-5 mils and allow to dry approximately 20-30 minutes, depending on conditions. Adhesive will turn from white to clear when it is dry. Apply membrane to roof deck and roll or broom down sheet to assure 100% contact area.


  • .027" Thick PVC material
  • Made in USA
  • Industry standard roofing
  • Weather proof
  • Energy efficient
  • 100% maintenance free
  • Highest tensile strength
  • Tear-resistant
  • Puncture-resistant
  • More reflective (keeps your RV cooler)
  • Anti-microbial
  • Watertight seal
  • Roofing is fire resistant
  • Strong, durable synthetic
  • Install shiny side up
  • Flexible enough to install on a sloped roof
  • Upgrade from Dicor EPDM

The Main Benefits of RV Roofing

Whether you're concerned about the safety of your vehicle, or you're worried about the cost incurred and the time taken to repair your roofing, rubber is the best choice in just about every circumstance. When you buy roofing material by the foot, you can expect to enjoy the following benefits.

  • Considered to be the industry standard material for all RV purposes. It beats both fiberglass and aluminum when it comes to weight, cost and ease to repair.
  • Rubber is energy efficient and low maintenance, helping you to drive down the cost of running your RV while out on vacation. PVC rubber roofing is even lower maintenance, being practically maintenance free. Unlike TPO and EPDM, the seal on PVC rubber roofing will not wear off if you're not maintaining it or conditioning it. Impervious to animal fat and droppings, the coat will not wear away like TPO or EPDM.
  • Rubber is a naturally weatherproof material, providing excellent protection against the elements, including rain and wind. In particular, rubber is well-known for being watertight as well as an electrical insulator.
  • You'll find that rubber is much more fire resistant than most of the other materials used throughout your RV, so you can be sure that you're putting safety first.
  • PVC rubber roofing is the strongest RV membrane for roofing, with the highest tensile strength and the most resistance to tears and punctures. This means you can avoid the maintenance and avoid fixing it up after every bad storm. That's what really brings costs down, and it's incredibly convenient, too.
  • PVC roofing is also more reflective than TPO or EPDM. This means that the sun will not heat up the roof as much, keeping your RV cooler by a noticeable amount.
  • This PVC RV roofing has antimicrobial properties, which means no mold, mildew, or algae will grow up there, keeping maintenance down to a bare minimum. It is also resistant to bird droppings and animal fat, substances that can damage TPO and EPDM roofs after a while.

Ships folded in a box to save you on shipping. The product does not maintain folds after being unfolded if done promptly. The folding will not affect the usage of the rubber roof. Please unfold the roofing within a few days of receipt.

Any wrinkles or surface inconsistencies are purely cosmetic and will not affect the structural effectiveness of the material

All Superflex/TPO/PVC/Roofing cuts are obtained from a master roll. This means the ends will have a rough edge and will be longer than the purchased cut length. This is done so the customer may cut the piece to exact specifications. Customers will make final cuts.

We have a 30-day return policy on roofing products. They cannot be returned if installation has been attempted (glue has been applied, cuts were made, etc.)

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