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Alpha Prime Tuff-X M Flexible TPO Flooring - Trailer Truck Bed Taupe Levant

Alpha Prime Tuff-X M Flexible TPO Flooring - Trailer Truck Bed Taupe Levant

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Due to its flexible nature, Prime Tuff-X M processes more
like TPE and TPR products than rigid TPO’s. Lamination
can improve bondability (scrim) or aesthetics (carpets).

Prime Tuff-X M complies with industry sustainability standards
and can be recycled as a post-industrial or post-consumer
product in many states in the USA or any Primex Plastics facility.

Prime Tuff-X M with soft tactical feel, grip,
chemical, wear, and UV resistance characteristics,
definitely check the boxes needed for use in
trailer, marine, and ramp flooring projects.

Prime Tuff-X M die cuts well but can cause
challenges when routing due to the soft and
flexible nature of the material. Bondability can
be enhanced using scrim lamination. Localized
flame treatment can also be used to apply labels,
decorative stickers, or foam/insulative backing.

Colors, Textures, and Capabilities
Prime Tuff-X M is available from us in gauge
.050 and widths of 102” (8.5') wide.
We carry Levant II Texture.

Property ISO Value Unit
Specific Gravity 1183 0.88
Melt Flow, Condition L 1133 0.6 g/10min
Flexural Modulus 178 11,600 psi
Tensile Stress @ Break 527-1,-2 1,595 psi
Tensile Strain @ Break 527-1,-2 >500 %
Impact Strength 180 No Break ft-lb/in

Heat Deflection @ 66psi 75B-1,-2 104 ºF
Heat Deflection @ 264psi 75A-1,-2 89.60 ºF
Hardness, 15 sec Shore  30 D

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